ND I SLT Assignment on STP 112

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Question: Examine and study the following invertebrate; 

Draw and Label 
* Protozoa
* Ameoba
* Paramacium

Using a pond water

a. coelenterata: e.g planaria, Schistosoma

b. Nematode eg. ascaris, earthworm

c. Mollusca gastropoda eg. achachatrmna (giant and snail) pivalves (akakoro)

d. Arthropoda eg. housefly, grasshopper

e. Echinaodermata eg. star fish

observation and result
Precaution: using sharp pencil draw your diagram putting your labels

TITLE: Identification of some insects

AIM: To study and identify crayfish and some insects

MATERIALS: Crayfish, termite, grasshopper, mosquitoes, beetle

1. Note the body divisions, identify the organism provided, classify each insects to their flakes using a morphology guide

2. State the economic importance of each of the above listed organisms

3. Classify them using mouth parts

4. Classify them base on their feeding habits

5. Compare the organisms provided

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